Trip to Europe



•              Old villages, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers and magnificent fields, you can find it all here.

Plus the older stone houses and exquisite churches and other castles make the European countryside a beautiful place to be.

•              PASTRIES


•              PUBS AND CAFÉ

•              FASHION

Also before I start with some of my personal favorite destinations, do add these places to your bucket list– Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, and Hungary are all fascinating European countries with their own unique story to tell and tend to be less costly than their Western European neighbors.

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Watch sunset from Eiffel Tower in Paris

By all means, see the Eiffel Tower—sometimes the beaten path can be its own fun

Paris  Filled with cute bakeries and restaurants, numerous chapels and churches, fountains, gardens, shopping stores and an endless line of souvenir shops.

Other places  to visit are The Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, a day long trip to Versailles and last but not the least The Louvre!

Things you shouldnot miss in Paris

  • Hot chocolate and breakfast at Angelina’s
  • The macaroons at every possible patisserie
  • The wine and cheese
  • A long walk at Champs Elysees
  • The Moulin Rouge

Visit the ruin bars in Budapest

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The coolest nightlife in all of Europe is found in Budapest. These bars  are built in abandoned buildings and lots and feature funky art installations and decor. They are amazing, fun, and great places to meet locals. People of all ages flock here. If you skip these bars, you miss out on one of most unique things about the city .

Immerse yourself in Oia’s artistic community in Santorini, Greece.

Oia is an artistic community in  Santorini with the blue Aegean sea, mesmerising sunset, and cool Greek architecture as the backdrop,” Diaz said. “It’s a place to fall in love again and best experienced staying for a few days with your special someone

Arctic circle , Norway

Explore the Arctic Circle, Norway. The Arctic Circle is a very special region to visit, especially around Tromso in northern Norway.Head out into the icy tundra, go dog sledging in the forest, and jump into the freezing Arctic Ocean.

The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City

Probably the most famous chapel in the world because of its incredible artwork, notably “The Last Judgment,” Michelangelo’s stunning fresco covering 10,000 square feet of the ceiling and wall.

Visit Berlin

Hip and trendy Berlin is an energetic destination. It is one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities with a vibrant music and art scene and a growing foodie movement. There is a ton of cheap Middle Eastern food. Be sure to check out the history museum – it’s one of the best in the world. Visit the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin which is the most famous landmark. A symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is now a national symbol of peace and unity. Visit the museum island , Gendarmenmarkt and The Reichstag building with the famous glass dome.


Nearly destroyed from heavy bombing during WWII, Milan has since reconstructed and now shines as one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. Widely regarded as a mega fashion center teeming in designer shops, Milan also attracts many to its surviving world famous treasures like Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper, the La Scala Opera House, the Castello Sforzesco and one of the world’s largest Gothic cathedral. Nonetheless, Milan sometimes appears less Italian compared to the country’s predominantly historic cities and more of a glamorous city with modern architecture

You could see most of Milan’s key places of interest within a couple of days, but consider a long weekend if you want to shop or mellow out a little longer in its dynamic culture.

Think party, think Ibiza!

Go ahead and get a feel for the wild club scene with a stop at Flower Power Pacha, but make sure you leave time to explore the incredible history and authentic culture Ibiza has to offer.

In 1999, UNESCO declared Ibiza a World Heritage Site because of the island’s cultural diversity and historic value.

Despite its over-the-top party reputation, the island of Ibizahas plenty more to offer than just its rakish nightlife. With over 200 kilometers of coastline, there is nature and history waiting to be explored around every corner.

•              Explore  sites with Roman ruins, underwater Posidonia meadows.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Faroe Islands.

The trek up to Lake Sørvágsvatn is renowned, and for good reason: Paths are easy to follow and not too arduous. The iconic view at the end is both beautiful and mind-boggling—it delivers an optical illusion of the body of water hovering miraculously on a clifftop above the sea.

Gondola ride(the most famous Venetian means of transportation) in venice.

Venice,  famously known as the city of water

for those of you who are looking for a romantic evening on the Grand Canal, make the most of your experience by choosing to get serenaded by local musicians, backdropped by the beautiful sunset as it washes over the city

Cut the costs not the fun!

Some Tips that I would love to share with you people


•              Look for local markets instead of shopping in the places which are famous tourist spots

•              Get a travel card of a fixed denomination from your bank so you are more in control of your budget.——- travel-friendly credit, debit and travel money cards that won’t charge for international transactions and international ATM withdrawals

•              Carry a combination of a credit card, debit card and cash.


•              A lot of the joy of discovering a new city lies in exploring its lanes and squares with a map in hand, or maybe an offline map, but this can also help you save  your money and data.. Metros, buses and trams are the cheapest and most convenient modes of transport in Europe.You can even walk your way around with a nice and comfy pair of shoes as the Europe  has some of the most pedestrian friendly cities.


•              You can book Hostels ,they are a low-cost accommodation solution typically favourited by backpackers and young travellers. They offer dormitory beds and multi bed rooms but can also offer private rooms

  • Airbnb, Vrbo and HomeAway are shaking up the market by offering affordable homestays. These can be cheaper than hotels but do vary in quality and location.
  • One great aspect of using Airbnb is that it gives you the option to stay in neighborhoods and districts of a city or town that wouldn’t normally be accessible to tourist, which will give you a different perspective on the city than if you stay in the main tourist district
  • Keep in mind that Airbnb isn’t a hotel, so make sure that you are respectful of your host’s home and notify them of any problems as soon as they occur
  • You can also choose from various camps , they MIGHT cost you cheaper
  • It may seem logical to spend the night in a cheap hotel in the suburbs, but trust me—it’s not always worth it. When you take into account the transportation to and from the city, or the hassle of trying to find a restaurant in a residential area— sleeping far from downtown can be a real pain.experien


•              Overnight train travel is often cheaper. To make train travel even easier, download a rail planner app where you can track schedules and buy tickets

•              Travelling in a group is always a good idea, as most hotels are happy to give you group discounts.

•      This one’s a no-brainer, but visiting Europe during off season will not only fetch you huge discounts on flights and hotels, you will also successfully evade the maddening tourist crowd and have a more authentic European experience.

  • Europe is  tech savvy and so you can find number of apps to choose from when roaming aound in Europe .Pretty streets—–his app serves up detailed walking itineraries through Dublin, London, and Paris’s most captivating streets, boulevards, and avenues. Easy-to-follow maps can be customized to adjust the length of your walk.
  • Fly Europe is an app that can provide you with cheapest airfares to and within Europe
  • If you wish to travel by taxi look for official taxi stand which have regulated prices
  • When traveling around the coastal regions of Europe, there are also plenty of ferry and boat routes, so don’t automatically look for the nearest airport!
  • If you are travelling from India ,you can choose from over 20 europe packages that we o, at mytravelscafe offers and if  on your own ,depending on the country you are departing from, make sure you check for availability online. One of the best resources for checking train schedules is (be sure to download their app for your smartphone for train travel planning on the go).
  • You won’t be able to purchase your tickets on Bahn, unless you’re buying tickets for train travel within Germany, but you can view the schedule of nearly every train in Europe. For booking, be sure the visit the national rail website for whatever country you’re traveling in.
  • Using your train ticket ,there are machines at the station, usually located on the train track. You just stick your ticket in and the machine stamps it. You could receive a fine if that train conductor sees that you neglected to do so.


•              Eat from local can also buy drinks from supermarket that are otherwise cheaper than restaurants

•              Stick to side streets with small frontages for more affordable feeds.

•              Stick to side streets with small frontages for more affordable feeds.

•              One rule to bear in mind is that having a sit-down meal anywhere costs more money than placing a takeaway order.

  • Head off the beaten track of Eiffel Towers and Galeries Lafayettes to check out the smaller businesses, the family-run patisserie or the mom-and-pop gelato place on the corner.


•              Do not assume that everyone knows English in Europe. One of the best travel tips for Europe is to know some of the keywords in local languages of the country you are traveling to. If Paris is in your plan, learn some key French words or if you are in Italy, know some of the basic Italian words.

•              There is no such SIM card which can be used in every European country, so it is always advisable to travel after activating International roaming plan as per the countries to visit, before departing from India.

•              Or you can also check out know roaming website for data packages .

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